There are a lot of ways to come to Athens. You can travel with airplane to the Athens International Airport, by ferry boat from Italy to Patra and then by car or with car through the northern borders of Greece.

Airplane to Athens International Airport

There is a great number of flights from every major European airport  to Athens.  Once you get to the Athens International Airport you have a number of options to get to the venue.

  • Taxi: Yellow color. Readily available at the airport, between exit 2 and exit 3. You may also pre-book. Approximate distance 32km, 35 to 60 minutes depending on traffic. The fare is around €35 for a day ride and €50 for a night (00:00 – 5:00) one.
  • Bus: X96 Piraeus – Athens Airport line. Ticket kiosk and departure point between exit 4 and exit 5. Buses depart every 15 to 30 minutes (depending on time of day). One-way ticket costs €6. Scenic route around 65 – 75 minutes
  • You can also hire a car or van from inside the airport.

    Ferry Boat from Italy

    ANEK Lines and SUPERFAST Ferries are transportation sponsors. They are offering a 30% discount for a limited amount of tickets from Italy to Patra. Specifically, the discount will apply to

    • 400 persons
    • 60 vans
    • 20 cars
    • 70 trailers

    The discount will be available to tickets from May 20 to June 28 for the trip from Italy to Parta and from July 6 to July 10 for the return trip.

    The discount is subject to availability. Furthermore, the discount does not apply to fuel surcharge, vehicles without drivers send as cargo and is not cumulative to other offers. In the latter case the highest discount will apply.

    In order to secure the discount, please send an email with the number and type of tickets you require, the dates of your travel along with the names of passengers to Because of the limited availability strict priority will be kept.


    You will need to travel by car if you reach Patras with ferry from Italy or if you enter Greece from the northern borders.

    • Patras to Kalamaki: 231km, 2 hours and 40 minutes. Tolls: €11,70 for a car, €29.60 for a van.
    • Kastanies or Ormenio to Kalamaki: 932-958km, approximately 9 hours. Tolls: €36,85 for a car, €92.75 for a van.
    • Kipoi to Kalamaki: 847km, approximately 8.5 hours. Tolls: €36,85 for a car, €92.75 for a van.
    • Thermes to Kalamaki: 755km, approximately 8 hours. Tolls: €33,25 for a car, €83.65 for a van.
    • Kato Nevrokopi to Kalamaki: 656km, approximately 7 hours. Tolls: €28,45 for a car, €71.65 for a van.
    • Promachonas to Kalamaki: 617km, approximately 6 hours. Tolls: €28,45 for a car, €71.65 for a van.
    • Evzonoi or Doirani to Kalamaki: 551-574km, approximately 5.5 hours. Tolls: €28,45 for a car, €71.65 for a van.
    • Kato Klinai (Niki) or Krystallopigi to Kalamaki: 562-521km, approximately 6 hours. Tolls: €17,75 for a car, €44.75 for a van.
    • Ktismata (Kakavia) to Kalamaki: 481km, approximately 5 hours. Tolls: €37,90 for a car, €75.10 for a van.